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MSE – CDP (Micro & Small Enterprises - Cluster Development Programme)

Upto Rs. 15 crore for Setting up of Common Facility Centers (CFCs) in MSE Clusters


Cluster development approach is a key strategy for enhancing the productivity and competitiveness as well as capacity building of Micro and Small Enterprises (MSEs). A cluster is a group of enterprises located within an identifiable and as far as practicable, contiguous area and producing same/similar products/services. The essential characteristics of enterprises in a cluster are (a) Similarity or complementarity in the methods of production, quality control and testing, energy consumption, pollution control, etc (b) Similar level of technology and marketing strategies/practices (c) Channels for communication among the members of the cluster (d) Common challenges and opportunities.


i. To support the sustainability and growth of MSEs by addressing common issues such as improvement of technology, skills and quality, market access, access to capital, etc.

ii. To build capacity of MSEs for common supportive action through formation of self help groups, consortia, upgradation of associations, etc.

iii. To create/upgrade infrastructural facilities in the new/existing industrial areas/ clusters of MSEs.

iv. To set up common facility centres (for testing, training centre, raw material depot, effluent treatment, complementing production processes, etc).

Common Facility Centre (CFC)

This will lead to creation of tangible “assets” as Common Facility Centers (CFCs) like Common Production/Processing Centre (for balancing/correcting/improving production line that cannot be undertaken by individual units), Design Centres, Testing Facilities, Training Centre, R&D Centres, Effluent Treatment Plant, Marketing Display/Selling Centre, Common Logistics Centre, Common Raw Material Bank/Sales Depot, etc.

Infrastructure Development Centre (ID)

This will lead to creation of infrastructural facilities like power distribution network, water, telecommunication, drainage and pollution control facilities, roads, banks, raw materials, storage and marketing outlets, common service facilities and technological backup services for MSEs in the new/ existing industrial estates/areas.

Financial assistance

The financial assistances for various interventions are:- 

I. Hard Interventions in the form of tangible assets like Common Facility Centre having machinery and equipment for critical processes, research and development, testing, etc. with GoI grant upto 70% of the cost of project of maximum Rs 15 crore. For NE & Hill States, Clusters with more than 50% (a) micro/ village (b) women owned (c) SC/ST units, the GoI grant will be 90%. 

II. Infrastructure Development with GoI grant upto 60% of the cost of project of Rs 10 crore, excluding cost of land. GoI grant will be 80% for projects in NE & Hill States, industrial areas/ estates with more than 50% (a) micro (b) women owned (c) SC/ST units.

Scheme Guidelines:

Performance / Achievements: