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Economic Investigation (EI) and Statistics Division

The institute is pioneer in conducting industrial potentiality surveys district and taluk wise. The main focus of these surveys is to identify the industrial activities having scope / future prospects for setting up of tiny and small scale industries, based on the resources and infrastructure available in the respective districts of Karnataka region. The Reports are expected to help prospective and existing entrepreneurs for setting up of and development of small scale units, respectively and also it helps the development agencies of Government of India, Government of Karnataka and other concerned Institutions to formulate suitable policies and programmes for the development of small scale industries.

The Surveys cover General features of the District, Resource Profile - Agriculture, Horticulture, Floriculture, Minerals, Forests etc., Infrastructure facilities like factory accommodation, details of Industrial area developed by KIADB, Industrial Sheds constructed by KSSIDC, availability of roads and transport, availability of Post, Telegram and Telecommunication facilities, Present Industrial Structure of the District including small, medium and large scale industries and scope for further setting up of industries based on the resources available in the region.

Prospective entrepreneurs and researchers can make use of these Survey Reports, which are available at MSME, Bangalore.

The Project Report Cell of MSME Development Institute, Bangalore is preparing custom-made project reports,which are suitable for submission to KSSIDC,KIADB,KSFC,KIIDC and other financial institutions for land allotment and financial assistance. A fee of 0.5% of the project cost is charged by the Institute for the above.

Interested entrepreneurs are requested to contact EI Divison, MSME Development Institute, Bangalore.

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